Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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* denotes complete "section" is available to be enjoyed online

Acknowledgements *
Silent Screams: A note from the author 6 *

The Sound of One Man Screaming: Stories
Browsers 9 (free audio)
Distractions 17 * (free audio)
From Out of the Night 25 (free audio)

Curt Cries in the Night: Short short stories and poems
Nervous Twitching 33 * (free audio)
The Bogeyman Can 35 (free audio)
Almost 39 (free audio)
The Sound of One Man Screaming 42 *
Frost After Midnight 43
With Apologies to E.P. 43
There Is A Low & Fearful Cry 44
Blood Dreams 45
Wailin’ Jenny 45
Holiday Demons 46

The Sound of Clapping: Award nominees/special mention stories
Phantom Mitch 48 (free audio)
Erratic Cycles 53  (free audio)

Echoes in the Night: More stories
Requiem 64 (free audio)
That Old Silk Hat They Found 77 (free audio)
Ides of March 83

Wind Whistling Through Gutted Pumpkins: Halloween stories
But Once A Year 88 (free audio)
Treats 95
Tricky Treater 103

Two Hands Clapping: Stories written with others
Til Death Do Us Part? (with John Strickland) 112
It Creeps Up On You (with Carol Weekes) 122

Noises Off: Behind the screams 135


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