While the title of this book reflects an activity performed by one individual, it is
not without the constant support, encouragement, assistance, guidance and
friendship of others.

Ken Abner, David Barnett, Don Bassie, Richard Blair, James Botte, Cathy
Buburuz, Joseph Cherkes, Martha Closs, Stephanie Connolly, Sean Costello,
Julie E. Czerneda, Ellen Datlow, Bertrand Desbiens, John Ellis, Melanie E.
Fischer, Todd H. C. Fischer, Jack Fisher, Denise Fleischer, Sandra Fritz, Gary
Fuhrman, Steve Gaydos, Charles Grant, Paul Griffin, Peter Halasz, Christine
Harkness, Brian A. Hopkins, Rob Howard, Don Hutchison, Rebecca Anne
Jansen, Kathleen Jurgens, Sandra Kasturi, Nancy Kilpatrick, Ed Kobialka, Chris
Krejlgaard, Chris Lacher, Richard Laymon, Christie Leblanc, Stan Lee, Timothy
Libby, Sally McBride, Mary Maccusi, Elizabeth Martin-Burk, Arianne Matte,
Pete Mihajic, Pat Nielsen, Michelle Norry, David O’Meara, Neil Peart, Greg
Roberts, Robert J. Sawyer, Andre Scheluchin, Dale L Sproule, Taki Stewart,
John Strickland, David M. Switzer, Jim Turcott, Edo van Belkom, Dean Watson,
Carol Weekes . . .

. . . have all either published my writing, or are people whose own creativity,
friendship or insightful comments have helped make me better at my craft.
While I’ve attempted to name them all, this is but the small part of that iceberg
which is visible.

Special Gratitude to: Greg Roberts, for the author photo; Steve Gaydos, for the
design and layout of the cover; Sean Costello, for creative assistance, input and
insight into the collection; Dianne Marzanek, for use of her mother’s artwork on
the cover, and of course, for her beautiful daughter.

Thanks to Mom & Baba who, although not always enamoured with the subject
matter for most of my creative efforts, still put up my drawings of monsters when
I was a child and supported the idea that I wanted to be a writer. And to Dad
whose creativity in woodworking and link to nature was a constant inspiration
and whose memory and love still burns strong in my heart.

Thanks, Alexander, my beautiful son, whom I cradled in one arm while doing the
final work on this book. You’re a miracle who inspires me in a way I could
never imagine before. I love you, little one.

And as always, I could not do any of what I do without the unwavering and
tireless support and love of my wife Francine. I love you, Lamb-kabob.


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