Phantom Mitch

"Phantom Mitch" is the bitter-sweet morbid love story of a man with an amputated arm who is able to reach into the afterlife and hold the hand of his dead wife.

(Opening of story)


By Mark Leslie

Even though he no longer had his left arm, Barry could still feel an itch between the thumb and index finger of his non-existent left hand. I believe they call it the phantom itch.

But that was only the beginning.

Sometimes Barry would lie in bed, still half asleep, and feel a hand take his phantom left one and hold it reassuringly. He'd sit up and sense some sort of presence in the room with him, but the feeling would quickly fade. That, more than the itch, was making him crazy. If only he could touch her back.

Her? Did I say her? Then I'd better explain.

(Brief excerpt from beginning of "Phantom Mitch" by Mark Leslie)

"Phantom Mitch" is available for free in audio form. You can listen to the story online or download the mp3.


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