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Mark Leslie has a knack for creating chills. His fiction is like bare bones caressing the skin, creating a shiver here, a delicious northerly tickle there . . . take his book to bed with you and I guarantee you'll find more than shivers between the sheets; if you stretch your toes down far enough to the end of the bed, you never know what might grab back. Beware dark corners, empty alley ways, lonely streets, the quiet room . . . when Mark beckons for you to take his literary hand in yours. Yes, reach out and touch the bones . . . because you want to; you will be frightened, but you won't be disappointed.
- Horror author Carol Weekes

"Mark Leslie is a writer with a bright, bright future. He can move from urban fantasy to magic realism, from hard science fiction to dark psychological horror with apparent ease. His stories are well written, skillfully told, and satisfyingly good to the last word."
- Edo van Belkom, author of SCREAM QUEEN

"Mark Leslie's horror is reminscent of the old-time story tellers, those guys who cared about plot and were pretty good at building a creepy tale. If there's a dark corner, Leslie will draw you to it, even against your will."
- Nancy Kilpatrick, author of THE POWER OF THE BLOOD series, ETERNAL CITY and THE GOTH BIBLE

"Prepare to be haunted by a master of suspense. Leslie paints his characters with compassion, then sends a chill down the spine. Highly recommended."
- Julie E. Czerneda, author of HIDDEN IN SIGHT

"Mark Leslie is an exciting new voice in Canadian fiction, and sure to be one of the SF stars of tomorrow. He's a wonderful writer, and a joy to read."
- Robert J. Sawyer, author of HOMINIDS


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